Promise Land Photography: Blog en-us (C) Promise Land Photography 2023 (Promise Land Photography) Sat, 18 Jun 2022 15:37:00 GMT Sat, 18 Jun 2022 15:37:00 GMT Promise Land Photography: Blog 80 120 Movie Lights Portraits Want a fresh and unique way to remember that beautiful dress you wore to the prom? Let's create a MOVIE LIGHTS PORTRAIT!

Anybody can have those standard prom pics where you spend two minutes with the photographer at the prom, but do those show off you and your beautiful dress? - no! With my MOVIE LIGHTS PORTRAITS, YOU become the star. These are unique, composited portraits that are shot on a plain background in my studio, and using my photographic superpowers I place you into these cool, grungy old rooms or warehouse settings and just like that!, you're a celebrity!

The cost of each session includes a fully retouched, 12x18 framed canvas portrait! Of course you can upgrade the size or style of the portrait if you like. 

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For the LOVE of Dogs During the month of February, 2021 I wanted to spread the LOVE of dogs all around. I created the "For the LOVE of Dogs" fotos & fundraiser campaign to celebrate the month of LOVE for our pups and pooches. Schedule a session to bring your dogs to the studio for professionally created portraits of your four-legged LOVEs. AND, because I LOVE helping Misplaced Mutts, a local organization that helps dogs find their fur-ever homes, I've been asking folks to bring donations designated to them by my studio. 

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Opening a Photography Studio IMG_3378IMG_3378 Announcement! I have opened a STUDIO!

I have been toying with the idea of opening my own photography studio for a little over a year, but it just never seemed like the right thing to do at the particular time that I was investigating buildings and spaces. So, earlier this spring, after yet another one of those not-quite-right times, I shelved the idea and began concentrating on marketing.

Three weeks ago my good friend and colleague, Joan Walker - of both Woof Tracks Photography and Joan H. Walker Photography - called me and announced that she and her husband are moving to Florida very soon and she offered me her beautiful studio space. There was no way that I could turn down this opportunity, so here I am, jumping fully in, and as of today - October 15th - opened Promise Land Photography STUDIO.

I'm located at 4459 Arendell St., Suite 3 in Morehead City, NC. For those of you who know the area, that's between 70 West and Coral Bay marinas. I'll only be there by appointment, so be sure to call me before heading over that way.

In the studio I'll be able to photograph families, and high school/college seniors, business headshots, and dogs! Oh, and CHRISTMAS photos! Today I began to set up a Christmas set. Can't you just feel the chill in the air from what looks like trees in the woods? (And of course I'll still be offering on-location photo sessions as well.)

I'd love to photograph you and your family for your Christmas cards this year! I've got a few more touches to go on the set, but let me know when you'd like to begin to feel like Christmas!

I can't wait to show you my new STUDIO!

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Senior Portraits Nathan DSC_6543-Edit-PRINT-11x14Nathan DSC_6543-Edit-PRINT-11x14

Who wouldn't want a NC fishing boat in the background of their high school Senior portrait? LOL! It was a beautiful late summer evening on Bogue Sound in Emerald Isle while Nathan and I were shooting his Senior images. We just happened to get lucky to have this boat, and all the accompanying sea gulls, photobomb us! Ahh, water, sunset, seniors....all so very special! Call, email, text, PM me to talk about your own Senior portraits! 

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Teacher overcomes a hurricane DSC_6783DSC_6783 I recently had the opportunity to photograph not just one, but eight teachers, who overcame the challenges that Hurricane Florence brought to the beginning of their school year in September, 2018. They all taught at Jones (County) Middle School, but because the hurricane deemed their school unsafe to occupy, the entire school had to be transitioned to the local high school. Additionally, many of the students, as well as teachers, also lost their homes and many of their belongings. 

One of the teachers - Victoria McDavid-Credle (located on the right end of the front row in this photo) - who was just beginning her career as an educator, knew the students would have much to overcome, and she did not want them to have to also be concerned about obtaining school supplies, so she looked into ways to be able to provide the essentials for them. She found an effort by Duke Energy whereby she could apply for funding to purchase things like notebooks, binder, pencils, dictionaries and the like, so when the kids were finally able to return to school in October, these things would be waiting for them. What a blessing her efforts must have been to those students.

Duke Energy will be spotlighting Ms. McDavid in an upcoming article on their Illumination website. I'm grateful to Duke Energy for sending me out to photograph her and the other teachers so that I too could learn of their passion and drive for their students.

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Headshots are a Must In 2019 headshots are no longer strictly for business executives! We ALL need current headshots!

More than anything we want them for social media - for both business and personal purposes. We all check out new people online. Our picture is the first thing that others go hunting for so we need to make our first impression count.

Reasons we may need a new headshot:

  • Our appearance has changed - new hairstyle or color; new glasses or switched to contact lenses; lost or gained weight; improved our appearance through fillers, peels, or more drastic measures; grew or shaved facial hair.
  • Our last photo is stylistically outdated - fashion and photography trends change
  • Our headshot isn't consistent with our colleagues - if you've taken on a new job, you want your photo to look more like that of your peers
  • Seasons change - because we live and work at the beach, we might want a summer color image and also a winter white photo
  • We need variety - there may be times when displaying a more formal photo is appropriate, and others when we want to portray a more casual or approachable image. We all need in our portfolio at least one studio image as well as an environmental photo.


We should all strive to update our headshots at least once a year. Our professional presence should change to show others that we are active. And we all know that posting a new image on social media gains attention - who doesn't like seeing all the "likes" and compliments that a new photo produces?

If you haven't updated your headshot in a while, what are you waiting for? Contact me to schedule your session and let's get those "likes" and thumbs-up's rolling in!



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A newly created Family Wedding photographer, Beach wedding photographerWedding photographer, Beach wedding photographer Last week I had the pleasure of photographing the wonderful wedding of Vaughn & Tyler. The weather prompted them to find a last minute location to move their previously-scheduled-for-their-backyard-wedding to a place that would protect them and their family & friends from rain that never came. We all showed up at Merrell Estates in Indian Beach, NC and quickly adjusted to different surroundings and had a glorious time. My favorite moments of the day were seeing not just the Bride & Groom recess down the aisle following the pronouncement that they were now Husband & Wife, but seeing them and their children all join hands as a big new family and walk that aisle together. Later I overhead one of the sons say "this is so cool, THIS IS SO COOL, I have a brother now!!" The other son had just walked up and he repeated those words, both of them so excited with their new family dynamic. 


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Taft family's amazing story Taft home-25-5836Taft home-25-5836 I had an opportunity arise to photograph a house for a California company: Carrington Charitable Foundation (CCF). They buy, build, or update homes for disabled veterans. CCF recently completed a renovation on a home in Jacksonville, NC, which is about an hour away from me. I agreed to do the shoot that far away because it was for a veteran's benefit. I struck out that day headed for a house at the end of a road in an area to which I had never been. What could have been a strange situation turned into a humbling blessing - I got to meet Ward and Amy Taft, their two beautiful daughters, their three adorable dogs and learn their incredible story!

Ward was an exceptionally skilled Navy medic who fought alongside the famed and highly-trained Marine Recon, a group of elite warriors executing special operations behind enemy lines. Unfortunately, Ward's brain had been damaged in the line of duty to his country. He had been involved in multiple explosions and has had multiple concussions. MRIs also showed significant damage to his frontal lobe. The Taft family began a long and difficult road coping with Ward's Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury.

But with faith in God to guide them, they are turning this terrible circumstance into opportunities for service. They are heavily involved with Operation Heal Our Patriots, which is an arm of Samaritan's Purse. As OHOP mentors, they serve their military community in Jacksonville. This year, Ward graduated from Western Carolina University with his Bachelors Degree in Disaster Management and has joined Samaritan's Purse newest initiative which is disaster relief teams that are specifically formed around the OHOP families.  He will lead one of the military specific teams for domestic disaster relief. Amy left her career as a teacher and began working for Institute for Veteran and Military Families as the Curriculum and Learning Manager. Last year she was honored to be chosen as a member of the inaugural class of the Bush Institute Stand to Veteran leadership program.  As part of this program they were challenged to take on a project that impacted the veteran leadership space.  After much thought, exploration and a lot of prayers, God led her to start an organization that is now called Third Star Foundation.  This organization's mission is to provide continuous support to the children of wounded and injured service members through peer to peer support groups.  They currently have 2 groups - one in Jacksonville, NC and one in Fayetteville, NC and serve 40 children.  Their hope is to expand the model to areas across the nation once they prove that this type of support works.

Because dealing with PTSD and TBI aren't enough, the Taft's were further tested by Hurricane Florence. They had begun some home renovations in anticipation of Ward's eventual health digression when the storm hit in early September, 2018. They had been advised to evacuate and go to Atlanta so Ward could be near his doctors and medical support team. When they returned to NC they found their property that surrounds their home had been completely flooded, although the waters stopped mere feet from their house itself. Unfortunately much of their furnishings were in storage pods that did get flooded. They found themselves frustrated by insufficient VA funds to help with the kinds of remodels that were going to best benefit Ward. Someone at Shepard Center in Atlanta contacted Carrington Charitable Foundation on behalf of the Taft family, and they were selected for not just the master bath remodel that they were trying to accomplish, but an entire home makeover, complete with exterior ramps and walkways! CCF contacted me to go take the photos of the beautiful new Taft home for their shareholder reports. I cannot tell you what an honor it was for me to get to meet the Tafts and now help share their story with you. 

I encourage you to learn more about this family by reading the info at the links that I will provide below. And if you can, make a donation toward one of the efforts that they support.

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Real Estate Photography As our beautiful coastal Carteret County continues to recover from the devastation that Hurricane Florence brought last September, I am keeping busy by photographing vacation rental properties. Nearly 9 months after the storm, there are still many properties that are undergoing repairs. Between now and late summer we will see many units reach their repair completion and come back into the rental market. For me, that means many trip across the bridge to the beach to get them photographed for their rental agencies. I'll sure get my workout going up and down stairs! 

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CPP Certified Professional Photographer

In December, 2018 I earned the prestigious Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) designation from Professional Photographers of America (PPA). 

I earned this designation after completing an intensive program that measures my artistic and technical competence. Professional Photographers of America currently recognizes fewer than 2,500 CPP's in the nation. Acquiring this designation holds me to a higher standard. Just as doctors and other professionals seek certification in their industries, I wanted to show my clients that my qualifications allow me to be the best photographer possible for them.

Professional Photographers of America is the leading body for certifying imaging professionals. CPP's must complete a written examination, finish an image evaluation and adhere to a strict code of conduct. Certification must be renewed on a periodic basis, ensuring continued confidence in the professionalism of Certified Professional Photographers. 

It is with great pride that I am able to say that I am a part of this elite group of photographers. I am one of only two CPP's in all of, not just Morehead City, but also all of Carteret County, and the ONLY wedding photographer in the county that holds this designation. 

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Summer 2018 It has been a busy year, and I've just noticed that I haven't updated my website blog!

One of the best parts of summer for me is photographing families who gather for reunions and events here at the beach. A high school classmate contacted me because she and her cousins had decided to revive their tradition of annual reunions, and they all wanted beach portraits to commemorate the event. We gathered on the beach in Emerald Isle, which is the western end of Carteret County, and the rain storms from earlier in the day cleared up so that we could have an enjoyable evening on the ocean. Their smiles and laughter were priceless!

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Cyndy & Joey I love shooting weddings, but I especially enjoy the small, intimate ones, where a select number of family and friends are included. This one was on a beautiful creek here in Carteret County. The weather turned rainy following the ceremony, but the sun peeked out for a brief moment before setting.

Congratulations Cyndy and Joey on a beautiful life together!

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WCHS Prom Party 2016 I had a great time photographing a fabulous group of high school seniors at their prom dinner party. It was a beautiful setting, but the weather was chilly, breezy and overcast. I edited one of their group shots in an attempt to give one of their images the appearance of a sunset over the water.

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Taylor's Senior Portraits Taylor is a young lady who has adventure on her mind. We had a fun afternoon of shooting in various locations in the western part of Carteret County. She took me to some places that I've never even seen before. She was great to work with; and her smile was non-stop. 

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Sarah's senior portraits We had a great time shooting these FFA senior portraits on a local farm. It was a beautiful afternoon, and the lovely Miss Sarah and I had a fun time exploring the surroundings, and visiting with the animals. There was even a kissing llama!

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Sunset in Washington, NC I recently had an opportunity to go with some fellow photographers to Washington, NC for a shoot with some models on the waterfront. It was a beautiful evening, and a delight to be shooting with these talented folks. The young ladies who stood before our cameras were lovely, and a joy to work with.

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Portrait from a photograph I recently received a picture via email from a friend. Ray Glover is a pianist who performs nightly in the Baccarrat Lounge located at the Bellagio Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. While my husband and I were on a previous visit to LV, Ray asked me to take some photos of him at the piano. (Ray is also an accomplished photographer, but didn't have the time to set up a shoot of himself while he was performing.)


Some time after our trip to LV Ray met a woman in the lounge who said she was an artist and she would like to paint a portrait of him. Ray agreed and Judy took some photos of him, but not being quite pleased with the ones that she had, she contacted Ray and asked if he had any images from which he might like the portrait; he sent her one of mine.


Here you can see Ray and Judy with the finished portrait.


For more info about Judy, visit her website

And for info about Ray, visit his website

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Promise Land Society In mid October I had the chance to be included in a photograph of a group of people that I love - Promise Landers!

The Promise Land, located in my hometown of Morehead City, NC, is a small geographical area - it spans from about 9th-10th Streets (depending on who you talk to) at the eastern border, to 15th Street at the western end, and from Evans Street to the north (or, Arendell St., again that depends on who you talk to) and Shackleford Street/Bogue Sound to the south. It originally began to be settled about 1899-1900, when residents of NC's outer banks islands, specifically the Cape Banks - aka Ca'e Banks - suffered a final and devastating hurricane that obliterated their island home.

In 2012 the Promise Land Society was formed in an attempt to carry on and record the heritage of our forefathers. Its members have renewed family and friend bonds and have laughed and cried over shared memories. To date, two Promise Land Festivals have been held - each in late October - with the promise of more to occur annually, and two books have been written - these record the photographs, memories and stories of Promise Landers.

I grew up in this area of town. It is beautiful beyond words. And the people - my friends and family - are even more so.

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Teri & Jon's wedding It was my great pleasure to be a part of Teri & Jon's wedding. Their wedding sign of "Best Day Ever" was so true. It was a beautiful day in Beaufort, NC. Their family & friends were a delight to be around. And the love that they share for one another flowed to everyone around them. I knew it was going to be a great day when I saw their wedding colors were purple & gold. (East Carolina University Pirates and the purple for the Baltimore Ravens.)

I wish them many years of happiness and love!

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Abbey & Johnnie's Wedding Abbey & Johnnie didn't let a little rain ruin their special day. They decided to move their ceremony indoors at Miller's Landing (USMC Cherry Point) and then they let the fun begin! We were even able to get outside as the clouds parted to give us a hint of a sunset and take a few photos overlooking the river. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Russell!!

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PPNC Shoot Out May 31 I attended my first Professional Photographers of NC seminar this weekend. We had a "shoot out" at Ft Macon, Atlantic Beach, NC. Several models were on hand. Can you believe that these two beauties are mother & daughter?!! Thanks ladies for being such willing and wonderful shooting subjects!

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Brodie's on the Beach


This beautiful family will soon be leaving NC, going to their next US Coast Guard duty station in Mississippi. We spent a lovely spring afternoon at the Fort Macon beach, overlooking the inlet near the USCG station, with views of Beaufort and Shackleford Banks.

The girls were so excited to be there! Mom and Dad had brought along some sand toys, and had promised them they could play in the water after we "worked" on the family photos. I love watching the energy of children.

I pray blessings for the Brodie family as they transition to their new lives in Mississippi in June, 2014.


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Puppy Love!! Family portrait photographer, Carteret County photographerFamily portrait photographer, Carteret County photographer


This is Sage. Isn't she adorable?

I was recently at Crystal Coast Hospice House to shoot some images of new art work that is part of their permanent collection (I created the visitor's book of all of the CCHH art) and met this little cutie. She was recently adopted by the CCHH Foundation Asst Director, Bennette Hopper.

Sage was fast asleep, napping as only puppies can do, until her momma asked her if she'd like to go outside. There she came to life, running, sniffing and playing - it was hard for me to keep up with her!

She loved these pansies...she found them tasty! (Sssh!!)

(Promise Land Photography) Mon, 12 May 2014 13:14:10 GMT
Abbey & Johnnie's Engagement shoot What a great time I had, on a beautiful, but slightly chilly, afternoon, shooting Abbey & Johnnie's engagement photos!

Fort Macon makes a great backdrop, with its rugged brick and wood construction, and the gorgeous water, Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout Lighthouse views.

Abbey & Johnnie are lots of fun to work with and I can't wait for their wedding in 2014! Engagement photographer, Fort Macon photographerEngagement photographer, Fort Macon photographer Engagement photographer, Fort Macon photographerEngagement photographer, Fort Macon photographer

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Welcome! Thanks for visiting my site! This website is a new endeavor for me so I appreciate your patience as I fine tune it.


Last week I had the opportunity to photograph the Linstedt family while they vacationed in Pine Knoll Shores.


They were a fun group and I especially enjoyed taking pics of 10 month old Parker. He was probably the best baby model I have ever had - he seemed to enjoy and be fascinated by the whole process.

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